Alexander Frangenheim, classically trained bassist, has worked as an improvisor since the late 1980ies. He has played with many leading musicians from around the world and shares a longterm partnership with Günter Christmann (a. o. vario-34 Christmann/ Frangenheim/ Gustafsson/ Lehn/ Lovens/ Munthe).

From the mid 90ies to the beginning of the 2000s he was a key figure in the field of collaboration with dance, working with such artists as Julyen Hamilton, Nigel Charnock, Benoit Lachambre, Fine Kwiatkowski, Jose Luis Sultan.

Alexander FrangenheimIn 1992 he founded his label concepts of doing for festivals, events and as CD label. From 1997 to 2003 concepts of doing – Interaktion Tanz Musik was a prominent platform for the experimental intermedia exchange in Europe.

Alexander Frangenheim was member of the ensemble Zeitkratzer performing Metal Machine Music by and with Lou Reed as well as music by alva noto, Merzbow, Lee Ronaldo, and Elliott Sharp. He can be heard on 10 of the ensemble’s CDs.

From 1995 to 2005 he taught experimental music and sound performance at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.

He composed the music for the experimental films „Lupinen löschen“, shown at Berlinale 2007 Forum Expanded, and „EZB 2011-2012“, nominated for the German Film Award 2015 (director of both films: Sabine Schöbel).

Since 2005 he has lived in Berlin. He created studioboerne45, a most distinguished recording studio for independent artists, where he continued „concepts of doing – Festival Zeitgenössische Musik“ from 2012 onwards.

His music can be heard on over 30 releases including two solo CDs.


On „Talk For A Listener“, he goes far beyond conventions, getting rid of any foothold ‚a listener‘ may have. (FreeJazz)

You could imagine this record as a sort of wrestling or better a fight to death between the soul of the instrument opposed to the soul of the musician. Vito Camarretta (Chain DLK)

Frangenheim surely belongs in the domain of the finest inventive instrumentalists I’ve heard of late. An excellent release. Massimo Ricci (Touching Extremes)