New Releases


„NAIL in Ulrichsberg“
recorder live at Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg October 7 2022


Vario 34-3
Christmann Frangenheim Gustafsson Lehn Lovens
recorded 2018 at studioboerne45 and Sprengel Museum Hannover



collaborations in 2023

with Celine Voccia, Emilio Gordoa and Don Malfon, Patrick Crossland, Elio Amberg
tour in April with NAIL Doneda – Frangenheim – Turner, concerts in quartet with Harri Sjöström, Els Vanderweyer and Celine Voccia
and hopefully some music with Sarah Buchner, Niklas Fite, Benedict Taylor and Claudia Ulla Binder



past festival concepts of doing 2022