The program for the festival 2005 surely was one of the most outragious ones. There was nothing comparable in europe in this period. In November 2004 he City of Stuttgart and the Produktionszentrum Tanz und Performance refused to support or give assistance to concepts of doing – Interaktion Tanz und Musik. There was no way to continue this work in the city of Stuttgart.

Program as it was planned for the festival concepts of doing – Interaktion Tanz und Musik in autumn 2005:

dance: Ko Murobushi, Prue Lang, Benoit Lachambre, Dirk Roofthooft, Thomas Lehmen, Laurie Young, Julyen Hamilton, N.N. / music: Makigami Koichi (voice), Franz Hautzinger (trumpet), Alexander Balanescu (violin), Günter Christmann (trombone, violoncello), Otomo Yoshihide (turntable, guitar), Yumiko Tanaka (shamisen), Alexander Frangenheim (doublebass), Frederick Galiay (electric bass) / video/projection: Lillevän (video live mix), Jan Kopp (video), Xavier Lucchesi (slide projection), Marcial Verdier (slide projection)

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